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2 Level Aerobic Step in Blue The Komodo Sports 2 level Shock Absorb Aerobic Stepper has a non-slip surface that means you can work out safely, it comes with additional blocks that can be set up by the user effortlessly. It’s a brilliant aerobic workout for easy use at home or the gym. Its sturdy design is long lasting. Easy to Use Stepper These 2 Level Steppers are ideal additions to your workout set up. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your home gym or just looking for something different to add to your workout, these steps have you covered! The steppers can be used at 2 different heights using the additional platforms which are stored on the underside of the step. The base level is 10cm high, giving you a sensible starting point to work from. By adding the additional platforms however the height becomes 15cm. This makes the step ideal for a whole range of exercises. Benefits The main benefits of using the aerobic stepper are the cardio and toning to user’s arms, legs and body. The stepper can be used for a number of different exercises such as triceps dips, push ups and interval training, which are all great for muscle mass and weight loss. With three different height options you can challenge yourself more by increasing the height. 2 Level Step Specifications Durable and Strong Aerobic Stepper 10cm and 15cm height options Adjustable height blocks store neatly under stepper body Adjustable height allowing you to do intense workouts Non slip feet and surface Step measures 68cm x 28cm (height adjustable from 10cm to 15cm)

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