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Cats Are Just People In Fur Coats Cat Lovers Sign Plaque Wooden Hanging Gift

Sign reads: Cats are just little people in fur coats Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm  

Moth Repellent Cedar Wood Natural Insect Deterrent Rings, Balls or Hearts

No need to worry about moths getting at your clothes with these Apollo cedar wood rings to repel moths and other insects. Apollo cedar rings are easy to use for a natural moth repellent for wardrobes between suits, shirts, coats, jackets and wool sweaters.
You can hang these natural Apollo Cedar Rings straight onto your coat hangers.
With the Apollo Cedar wood balls use can use it in shoes, sneakers and boots as a shoe deodorizer, also in suitcases, bags, niches, shelves and drawers.
Cedar Rings Pack of 12
Cedar Balls Pack of 12 Cedar Hearts Pack of 24.